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Love of lifelong learning leads to library legacy

If it wasn’t for Greek, Keith Boeckner and Joan Polfuss Boeckner might never have met.

The couple, married for 50 years, were the only two students in a Greek language class at Laurier (back when it was Waterloo Lutheran University).

“I walked in and saw Joan sitting there and our professor said, ‘well, that’s the class,’” Keith said with a chuckle.

“I guess you could say it was in the stars, we were supposed to be together,” added Joan.

The Boeckners

Their fond memories of Laurier and the value they saw in the educations they received inspired them to establish the Keith Boeckner and Joan Polfuss Boeckner Prize for Language Students, an endowed award for third or fourth-year undergraduate students studying French in the Honours BA in Languages.

The Boeckners have also left a gift in their will to add to the existing Keith Boeckner and Joan Polfuss Boeckner Library Endowment Fund, providing annual money for the library. The gift celebrates the pair’s love for books — in fact, their first joint purchase as a couple was an encyclopedia.

The endowment fund will help fund all aspects of the library.

“This is our way of leaving a lasting legacy and helping future generations of students,” added Keith.

You, too, can help students and create a legacy at Laurier for generations to come. To learn how you can make a gift in your will, contact Cec Joyal at 519.884.0710 x3864 or email her at