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Research File

Fall 2019

Responding to rising seas

David Krzesni receives grant to study community response to rising sea level in Marshall Islands

Fall 2019

Digitizing Cold War history

Laurier researchers digitize and analyze Cold War civil defence materials inside the ‘Diefenbunker’

Fall 2019

Families under pressure

Study finds families of 40,000 children living with autism in Ontario face severe stress

Spring 2019

Preserving history in Pakistan

Laurier researchers work to document 1,000-year-old rock art

Spring 2019

The impact of Islamophobia

Laurier researcher investigates effects of Islamophobia on Canadian Muslim youth

Spring 2019

Understanding PTSI in public safety personnel

Laurier researchers aim to prevent post-traumatic stress injuries

Fall 2018

Recognizing rights

Why meeting obligations under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is important

Fall 2018

On the land in Canada's North

Researchers participate in Northwest Territories camp with Dehcho youth and elders

Summer 2018

Reframing sustainability

Manuel Riemer aims to find the formula to engage people in sustainable practices

Spring 2018

From stigma to standardized

Laurier researchers study the challenges and opportunities related to cannabis legalization

Spring 2018

Designing AI to aid seniors

Josephine McMurray explores how assistive technologies may help Canada’s aging population

Fall 2017

Ideas to help welcome refugees

Researcher Kim Rygiel says the world needs to embrace diversity

Fall 2017

Aiming to reduce the risk of salmonella

Researcher Joel Weadge joins multi-institutional project to combat bacteria

Summer 2017

Working with a Northern First Nation

James Telford is leading research to analyze aquatic sediment in the Marian River

Summer 2017

Computer Science students get quantum

Futuristic technology very much in the present day for some Laurier students