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Laurier installs electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicles can now power up on Laurier's Waterloo campus. The university has installed its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the parking area of Lazaridis Hall.

"The EV charging station continues Laurier's leadership position in sustainability by expanding the availability of alternative transportation options and renewable energy on campus," said Tyler Plante, coordinator of outreach and programs in Laurier’s Sustainability Office. "We know not everyone can take the bus or bicycle to campus. By providing this resource we are making it one step easier in choosing sustainable transportation."

The EV station can host up to four vehicles with two level-two chargers. The station will be powered by solar photovoltaics, which amount to 12 kw/h of power, and will be connected to Laurier's growing smart grid through the university’s energy management system and future microgrid.

EV charging station