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Ashley Curcic

How donor support attracts top students to Laurier

Ashley Curcic says her experience at Laurier has been truly exceptional.

“Everyone here wants to see me succeed,” says the fourth-year global studies student.

In addition to her studies, Curcic works part-time and volunteers as president of Laurier’s Student Alumni Association.

“Through my volunteer work, I really feel like I’m making a positive impact on campus in my own way,” she says.

Curcic's volunteer role with the Student Alumni Association includes working to educate Laurier students about the university’s exceptional community of donors.

“Laurier donors believe in us and want us to thrive," she says. "Sharing that message with students and encouraging them to celebrate the positive difference that philanthropy makes – that’s my way of saying thank you.”

Curcic's hard work was recently rewarded through a donor-funded bursary. Receiving the extra funds meant a lot.

“For me, receiving donor support was extremely motivating," she says. "It went beyond relieving some of my financial stress because it felt like such a huge vote of confidence.”

Laurier celebrates excellence among its student population and remains committed to easing the financial burden that students bear. But the university can’t do that without donor support.

Every day, Laurier’s student awards office is contacted by students who can’t afford to pay tuition, pay their rent, buy food, or balance part-time jobs and their studies.

The cost of attending university has almost quadrupled during the past two decades. Students consider the financial support available to them at each post-secondary institution before deciding where to attend.

To ensure Laurier continues to attract and retain high-calibre students and produce exceptional graduates, we need your support.

You can be the Catalyst for our students and university by making a donation to support important entrance scholarships and awards.