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Tray-bogganing at Laurier

Flashback: ‘Tray-boganning’ at Laurier’s Winter Carnival

When social media strategist Sandra Muir posted the above photo from Winter Carnival 1976 to Laurier’s Facebook page as part of “Throwback Thursdays,” she received an unexpected response. Ruth (Gascho) Duffield (BBA '80) wrote to say she was one of the students pictured sliding down the hill – using a tray from Laurier’s dining hall.

“It is a true flashback for me, as it was taken during my first year at Laurier,” Duffield wrote. “A group of us took advantage of the snow and with some dining hall trays went ‘tray-boganning’ down a gentle slope. It’s hard to imagine that the photo was taken 40 years ago. When showing the photo to my family, my sons cannot believe that I did something as fun as tray-boganning! One of them even asked: “Was it legal?” 

Duffield’s son, Christian, is currently in his fourth year at Laurier.