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Lazaridis Hall

Executive master’s program addresses complex global economy

Lazaridis EMTM assists technology business leaders in making right decisions

A unique Wilfrid Laurier University program for senior decision-makers is aiming to better prepare business leaders for the global innovation and technology economy.

The Lazaridis Executive Master’s in Technology Management (Lazaridis EMTM) is designed for up-and-coming C-level managers. Those enrolled typically work full-time while in the program.

“What sets this program apart is its focus, which is to prepare future leaders for the global economy, an economy that is very much based on innovation and technology,” says Hamid Noori, executive director of the Lazaridis EMTM program. “Companies need to have leaders who make right decisions in a technology-shaped future.”

The 11-month program, which includes classes every second weekend, is made up of 10 courses designed to help business leaders make strategic and important decisions at their companies. Upon completion of the course, which also includes periodic online sessions and a research paper, participants earn a Master of Science in Management degree.

“The future belongs to the prepared mind. What we emphasize here is the skill and art of rational problem-solving,” Noori says. “We emphasize tools, techniques, concepts and frameworks specifically designed for people who will become leaders within their enterprises.”

The Lazaridis EMTM program was developed during several years of planning with Canada’s leading technology companies, including BlackBerry, Christie Digital Systems and Desire2Learn. The program immerses students in real-life case studies, with classes held at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics’ new state-of-the-art facility on Laurier’s Waterloo campus.

Class sizes of 15 to 20 students enhance the learning environment.

“Going through our program forces you to change your decision-making habits and helps you to ask the right questions from the very beginning,” Noori says. “Presently, there isn’t a program of this kind in the country at the executive level.”

The Lazaridis EMTM program runs from September until July. Visit for more information about the program.