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WLUAA President’s Message: Challenge leads to opportunity

One of Laurier’s many strengths includes its proud and invested alumni. With more than 100,000 former Golden Hawks out in the world doing their part to stay golden while working hard to inspire lives of leadership and purpose, Laurier pride is truly an international phenomenon.

Alumni demonstrate their commitment to Laurier in countless ways, every day. This includes alumni giving back by volunteering, mentoring and staying connected. Some of us join a local alumni chapter or come out to exclusive alumni events. Some of you stay connected to Laurier for life by wearing your purple and gold or simply by keeping your contact information up to date via to ensure you are “in the know” about what’s happening at Laurier.

Marc Richardson
Marc Richardson

As testament to the strength of the pride and commitment of Laurier alumni, in late 2017 Laurier alumni from all eras and across the country engaged with the university following the significant media attention the university was receiving about an incident involving one of the university’s teaching assistants, which sparked questions about the university’s commitment to freedom of expression. It was deeply satisfying for the alumni association to see so many alumni invested enough in our university’s future to join in the conversation and share their input, ideas and opinions. I know the university took your feedback seriously.

Your alumni association has stayed in close touch with the university on this topic. We have heard the feedback of our alumni and we have had an opportunity to offer that feedback to the administration. We have provided input through the newly created Task Force on Freedom of Expression and we worked with the administration to ensure that all alumni were extended an opportunity to provide feedback through this channel.

We want to ensure that the Laurier we all love comes out stronger. There is much to be proud of as a Laurier graduate. Within this issue of Campus, you will read about many examples of alumni, all around the world, living lives of leadership and purpose. I hope you are as inspired as I am.

Marc Richardson '94
President, WLUAA