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Laurier announces five-year strategy outlining aspirations for university

Laurier's Board of Governors has approved the university's five-year strategy, "Laurier Strategy: 2019-2024. Today. Tomorrow. Together." The strategy positions the university to address societal challenges and harness opportunities by leveraging its strengths in academic excellence, research, partnerships and community.

The strategy focuses on two distinct themes: thriving community and future-readiness.

“The Laurier Strategy sets a direction that defines who we are, where we are headed and how we will move forward together,” says Laurier President and Vice-Chancellor Deborah MacLatchy.

Laurier Strategy

Laurier alumni, students, faculty and staff provided input into the formation of Laurier Strategy: 2019-2024.

“It is through the quality and engagement of Laurier’s people that we will address the needs of our changing society with institutional innovation, strength and vision.”

Laurier Strategy: 2019-2024 addresses complex and interdependent cultural, social, economic and environmental challenges, placing a focus on preparing students and supporting employees to serve as engaged, adaptable and community-minded global citizens. The strategy’s mission and themes provide a high-level guide for all areas of the university to develop plans and set priorities.

The development of Laurier Strategy: 2019-2024 was informed by research and extensive in-person and online consultations. The consultations resulted in input from thousands of people, including Laurier alumni, students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders.

“The Laurier community was highly engaged in informing our strategic direction,” says MacLatchy, who led the strategic planning process. “This strategy reflects our collective ambitions and aspirations to develop our multi-campus, comprehensive university, enhance our community, government and industry partnerships, and preserve Laurier’s unique character.”

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