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Smoke-free policy in effect at Laurier campuses and properties

Laurier is now smoke free at all its campuses and properties. The university's new smoke-free policy took effect on July 1.

The policy prohibits the smoking of tobacco and cannabis by all methods and prohibits vaping of all substances in any form, including the use of vaporizer and inhalant devices such as vape pens and e-cigarettes.

“There are proven health benefits that arise from living, working and studying in a smoke-free environment,” says Tony Araujo, acting vice-president: finance and administration. “Laurier is joining a large number of Canadian post-secondary institutions in enhancing the health of our communities through smoke-free policies.”

The smoke-free policy applies to all buildings and grounds owned, leased or operated by Laurier, including outdoor play areas, athletic and recreational fields, university residences and housing. The policy also applies to vehicles or equipment rented, owned or leased by the university.

Approved religious and cultural exemptions – including for Indigenous spiritual and cultural practices – are made available under the policy.

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