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Remembering Homecoming 1967

Story by Andre Furlong

As we collectively settled into the first full academic year in a “new normal,” some of the traditions long practiced at Laurier seemed somewhat distant. Even though large gatherings – like the parades and football games of Homecomings past – are not possible yet, we do have our memories.

The vibrancy that students bring to Waterloo Region each fall was somewhat muted this year, but the rich history of student life at Laurier will continue in novel ways.

Homecoming parade 1967

In that vein, we present this photograph from the 1967 Homecoming parade, which featured both Laurier and the University of Waterloo celebrating in tandem along a section of King Street that remains familiar today, despite the passage of five decades.

Andre Furlong is an archives assistant at the Laurier Archives on the university's Waterloo campus.

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