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Alumnus Mirko Petricevic leads campaign to support local journalism

Reliable local journalism is essential for democracy to thrive. Laurier graduate and Martin Luther University College director of communications Mirko Petricevic (MTS ’14) is leading a group of current and former journalists — known as “” — who are encouraging civic leaders to build an ecosystem that supports local journalism, whether printed, broadcast or delivered to digital devices.

Since the campaign was launched in May 2020, 21 municipal councils in three provinces – representing roughly 5 million residents – have passed journalism-support motions proposed or shaped by the group. Those councils include Waterloo Region, Hamilton, Windsor and Toronto in Ontario, as well as Tofino, British Columbia, and St. John’s, Newfoundland. In addition, more than 900 people have endorsed an online petition urging elected leaders to build an ecosystem for robust journalism.

Currently, the group is working to get its resolution on as many municipal council agendas as possible between UN World Press Freedom Day on May 3 and Canada Day. To learn more about the group and its campaigns, visit

Mirko Petricevic

Mirko Petricevic

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