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Laurier partners with St. Leonard’s, Salvation Army on cold weather kits

Laurier's Special Constable Service and the Brantford campus Student Wellness Centre partnered with St. Leonard’s Community Services and the Salvation Army during the winter to provide cold weather kits to community members experiencing homelessness.  

“Our special constables develop good relationships within the Brantford community,” says Scott Lawson, manager of Laurier’s Special Constable Service. “After seeing some of the vulnerable population when it’s cold and dark, and during inclement weather, we wanted to find a way to help.” 

Hundreds of kits were provided during the winter season. Each kit contained a mix of accessories including socks, hats, gloves and heat packs, as well as non-perishable food items and personal care items.

The kits, delivered by outreach teams and Laurier special constables across the city, also included a card with information about local resources.

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Special Constable Darrell Dick and Jodie Lockey-Duesling, Brantford campus Student Wellness Centre manager, pictured with cold weather kits distributed in the community.