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Research Chat podcast showcases graduate student discoveries

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Graduate and postdoctoral students at Laurier are sharing their research findings with new audiences thanks to the launch of a podcast called Research Chat.

The initiative launched in late 2020 and features Laurier student researchers discussing their discoveries in a range of fields from kinesiology to environmental sciences. The format is conversational and aims to make academic research compelling and approachable for all.

“I believe very strongly that research needs to leave university settings and enter conversations in the wider community in order to have its greatest impact,” said Laura MacGregor, who recently completed her PhD in human relationships at the Laurier-federated Martin Luther University College.

MacGregor is featured in an episode of Research Chat discussing her PhD dissertation on mothers who advocate for the medical needs of their disabled, non-verbal children. Other monthly episodes focus on topics including physical activity for children living with disabilities, climate change and diversity in the financial industry.

The Laurier graduate-student population has grown by approximately 75 per cent over the past five years. In addition to learning about the work of researchers, Research Chat producers want listeners to get to know the researchers themselves and learn about their graduate school experiences.

Research Chat, a collaboration between the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Laurier’s Office of Research Services and the Laurier Library, is available for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.